LebManager Software


LebManager is an application which includes a sophisticated coding system Secret Key Leb electronics, which allows the management and maintenance of accesses with high traffic and high number of users. The program LebManager creates and maintains a database of users and it is able to program remote controls and / or receiver for the replacement / removal and automatic insertion distance (the insertion in distance is only possible if the system is composed of only one receiver).


If you work in a Secret Key, the operations on the receiver are possible solely and exclusively by authorized, the one who owns the original programmer PS01.
The remotes can be programmed induction, by simply placing the remote control in the specific location of PS01.
The receiver can be managed remotely through communication "wireless" Bluetooth via the programmer PS01.

The system LebManager is composed of:

- LebManager Software (Windows 7 or next)
- PS01 Programmer
- Receiver RSK4N (433 MHz) - 1,000 memorisable
- BT01 Bluetooth module for receiving RSK4N (optional)
- Remote SMARTY433


- Wireless keyboard RTA2 (433 MHz)
- Transponder TRP1 (433 MHz)



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